Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome to our classroom blog!  Please make sure to check out the tabs above for new photos of our classroom and academic expectations.

         We have had a great first couple of weeks in Kindergarten!  Learning school wide procedures and classroom rules have been very important during our school day.  
         Our classroom rules are as follows:
  1. Be kind
  2. Be truthful
  3. Please keep your hands and feet to yourself
  4. Do your best!!!       
Our friends in our classroom have been busy learning each other’s names and using good character traits with each other everyday.  Please remind your child that listening when the teacher and other friend’s are talking is very important!
Knowing what “The Golden Rule” is was another very important lesson we learned this week.  We treat others how we want to be treatedJ
Miss Bader taught us sign language for all of our alphabet letters.  We will know how to spell our name and sight words in sign language by the end of kindergarten.  Sign language is just another way to speak to people who cannot hear us.  It is also a great way to visualize letters and sounds in our mind! Below is our silly pose for the first day of Kindergarten! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

                                               Our first day of Kindergarten!!!!

                               Observing our "adopted" tree during science time outside our classroom!!!

__Go apple picking
__Visit a pumpkin patch
__Go leaf peeping
__Bake an apple pie
__Take a hayride
__Collect leaves
__Drink apple cider
__Make an autumn-themed craft 

__Watch a football game
__Eat a candy apple
__Bake pumpkin bread
__Make chili
__Go on a scavenger hunt 

__Carve a pumpkin
__Watch a Halloween movie 

__Break out your favorite sweater 
__Cozy up to a fire
__Visit a corn maze
__Jump in a pile of leaves 

__Wear your favorite scarf
__Bob for apples
__Take a hike
__Dress up for Halloween

__Collect pinecones
__Tell a spooky story
__Roast pumpkin seeds
__Make Thanksgiving table decor 

__Smell the autumn air
__Donate to a food drive
__Make homemade applesauce
__Eat a cider doughnut
__Make a scarecrow
__Plant mums

__Gaze at the full moon